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Saratoga Blinds & Shades offers free estimates to anyone near Santa Clara County and the SF Bay Area
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Cordless Roman Shades

Window coverings fit for Cesar,
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Blackout Motorized Blinds

The perfect, privacy-enhancing electric blinds for Saratoga bedrooms and offices all over Santa Clara County
No-obligation Consultations

No-obligation Consultations

Saratoga Blinds & Shades provides free estimates on custom made window treatments and sliding door blinds. We can meet you anywhere in Santa Clara County or nearby parts of the San Francisco Bay Area
Custom Made Motorized Blinds

Custom Made Motorized Blinds

Affordable remote control blinds with Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphones and tablets.
Roman Shades – Designed Made-to-Measure

Roman Shades – Designed Made-to-Measure

Beautiful relaxed, hobbled, and pleated shades to complement the interior décor of any Saratoga, CA property.
Beautiful Blinds With a Warranty

Beautiful Blinds With a Warranty

We believe in crafting our window treatments from quality materials that last, while still keeping the prices low and fair.


When it's time to get new blinds or window shades installed, get a free estimate from Saratoga Blinds & Shades. We specialize in making anything from motorized blinds to bamboo shades for all parts of Santa Clara County. From exterior shades to Venetian blinds, for home and/or businesses. Our selection of window treatments contains shading solutions for every property near the San Francisco Bay. Check out some of our more popular window coverings below.
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Roman Shades, Blackout Blinds & More

Searching for new window treatments for a Saratoga house, apartment or business? The Saratoga Blinds & Shades team has a vast and diverse selection of coverings for windows and doors to offer you. Our beautifully designed window shades and functional vertical and Venetian blinds can elevate your interior décor and give you effortless sunlight control. How effortless? Well, with our Wi-Fi motorized blinds you can use your smartphone to adjust the vanes or raise/lower the electric blinds. Whether for the bedroom, office, or other, we've got window treatments that can offer you the style and utility you want. And for a great price too!

Vertical Blinds – For Saratoga Glass Doors & More

When you need to cover something larger than the average window, vertical blinds tend to work best. The vertical structure of the vanes does a better job of blocking sunlight with bigger surface areas. Blackout vertical blinds make for a popular choice for office windows all around Santa Clara County. They give you privacy for entire window walls without any issues. Motorized vertical blinds will do this automatically, while cordless manual ones will require some hands-on input from you. As far as sliding door blinds go, vertical treatments really take the cake. They're the perfect way to cover giant window walls.

Beautiful Roman Shade Styles

Many households all throughout Saratoga pride themselves on their interior design. With custom made Roman shades, you can improve upon this design with relaxed, banded, hobbled or other stylish window shades. The elegant look of blackout Roman shades makes them perfect for bedrooms. With additional valances and curtains, you can really get the décor to a gorgeously stylish level.

Motorized Blinds For Saratoga Homes & Businesses

All types of properties, residential or commercial, can benefit from electric blinds. The effortless remote control is one thing. But to really get the most mileage out of motorized blinds, you need to consider the different features. Automatic window treatments can help you with energy savings by helping you maintain your indoor temperature. You can utilize natural sunlight to illuminate rooms without using light bulbs at all. Automatic blinds will also help with security. They'll make it seem like somebody's home even if none is. And remember, you've got wired, battery and solar-powered blinds to choose from. So you can really take energy efficiency to a new level, should you so choose.

Cellular Shades For Thermal Insulation

Speaking of energy efficiency, the best window coverings for that are undoubtedly cellular shades. These covers consist of layered fabrics build in a honeycomb pattern. The pockets, or "cells", trap hot air and prevent it from escaping or entering the room. That way, cellular shades help you control the indoor temperature without touching the AC. They do this even when the windows are open.

Exterior Shades For Your Backyard Patio

If your Saratoga property has a deck, gazebo or patio in the backyard (or front), then patio shades can really add to it. These waterproof coverings can give you protection from sunlight and other elements throughout the day. With motorized exterior shades, you can bring shade to a shameless area with the push of a button (or again, with your smartphone). These covers add to the exterior décor of the property and come in a wide variety of patterns and materials.

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Saratoga Blinds & Shades offers its free consultations to anyone in the local area. If you're near this edge of Silicon Valley and you want to get a quote on any type of blinds or shades, we're happy to oblige you. Call us to schedule an in-person consult and we'll send our experts over with samples of our latest window treatment collection. Did we mention the consultation is free? Get in touch today to see what we can offer your business or home.

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Saratoga Blinds & Shades gives you complete control over how your new window treatments look and work. Want to control motorized blinds with your smartphone? Our wireless Wi-Fi blinds can connect to mobile devices and tablets. Looking for window shades with curtains or with a pleated design that boosts the interior décor? From bamboo to sheer and blackout fabrics, our selection of roller and Roman shades can offer you elegance and beautiful aesthetics. That, along with effective sunlight filtering. And while we only use the best materials available, we keep our price range low and affordable. Live or work around the Santa Clara County area? Give us a call and schedule a free estimate on custom made blinds and shades for any office or home.


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Beautiful Roman Shades – Relaxed, Banded, and More!

The variety in design for Roman-style coverings makes choosing décor-complementing window shades a breeze!

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