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Motorized Blinds

Motorized Window Shades | Saratoga CA

To benefit the most from window treatments, motorization is the way to go. With remote control blinds or window shades, you can easily adjust the amount of sunlight inside any room. And you do it with the push of a button, the swipe of a smartphone, or even voice commands. Saratoga Blinds & Shades presents a selection of features for motorized blinds and shades. From automatic response sensors to Wi-Fi and battery-powered energy sources. We happily offer customers the top custom motorized blinds in Saratoga at the best prices around the SF bay area.

Remote Control Blinds With Wi-Fi

Seeing as it’s become the most prevalent method of wireless control and communication, Wi-Fi motorized blinds prove quite popular. Odds are you already have a Wi-Fi network at home or at your Saratoga office space. That means connecting them to your remote control blinds via Wi-Fi will prove easy. That means the remote you use to control them can become your smartphone. That does away with limited RF range and eliminates the need to go and find one specific handset for one particular action.

Motorized Blinds – Wireless & Wires Power Sources

Naturally, automatic window coverings need a source of power to function day in and day out. With most properties, that source is electricity (although solar-powered blinds are also an option!). How to convey this power to your electric motorized blinds can vary. With wired blinds, you have the fastest source of power that can blend more seamlessly with the décor. The installation process requires a bit more complexity, but nothing too major. With battery-powered blinds, the power source isn’t as quick but is self-reliant. That means power outages won’t affect the blinds’ functioning. Also, wireless battery-powered blinds installation is faster and simpler. However, the battery pack takes up more space and – unless properly concealed – can hamper the décor some.

Custom Motorized Roller Shades For Saratoga Windows

One of the most popular options with automatic coverings, motorized roller shades give you a smooth rolling motion when you raise or lower them. That creates a nice, high-tech vibe that doesn’t distract or demand sudden attention. This makes motorized roller shades perfect for office windows, living rooms, and even kitchen areas. You also have a range of opacity levels to choose for them. Blackout motorized roller shades for Saratoga bedrooms provide the highest level of privacy and room darkening qualities. This makes them excellent at helping you get a good night's sleep. With sheer roller shades, motorized or manual, you can diffuse harsh sunlight and soften it. Thus, creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere that utilizes sunlight without glare or harmful UV rays.

Blinds Motorized To Your Needs

With custom designs and dimensions, our motorized blinds and window shades can suit every Saratoga window in need of covers. You can choose from a variety of simple and extravagant décor enhancements, giving your automatic coverings a wide range of looks. We also offer waterproof motorized patio shades for outdoor areas that need adjustable covers. These work for decks, gazebos, and even pool areas. Saratoga Blinds & Shades offers the full package when it comes to motorized window treatments and exterior coverings. Find out about all the different features, materials, and controls you can get by booking a free estimate on custom motorized blinds today!


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